Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Mike Warne Annual Marketing Communications Lecture

This week, I attended the Mike Warne Annual Marketing Communications lecture, held on Wednesday 2nd March 2011. The event included guest speakers Allister Frost, Head of Digital Marketing Strategy at Microsoft, Paulo Nieddu, Senior Planner at Holler Digital and Iryna Kepych, Digital Strategist at Connect Advertising and Marketing. 

The event was fascinating and a chance to join marketing and business professionals, university staff and students to explore the evolution of digital communications and the opportunities for enhanced marketing communications in the future.

The three key note speakers each shared their perspectives and knowledge on the evolution of marketing communications and the possibilities for digital marketing in the future. In particular, Allister Frost, Head of Digital Marketing Strategy at Microsoft was interesting to listen to as he shared his thoughts from a business to consumer perspective on new approaches to customer communications. Something, that will prove very valuable to me as I enter the work arena.

In addition, the other two key note speakers, Paulo Nieddu, Senior Planner at Holler Digital, and Iryna Kerpych, Digital Strategist at Connect Advertising and Marketing, were captivating to listen to as they shared creative agency perspective on customer engagement and communications across all digital channels.

I really enjoyed the lecture and event, and having attended a similar event two weeks previously, I intend to go to anymore that are advertised in the future. These events I feel are invaluable and will help enormously when I go into the workplace after completing my Masters at Bournemouth University. Digital Communications is going to become ever present and it is important to be aware and here from professionals about how it can improve a business.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Digital Communications roadshow in London also this week. At the time, I felt it was better to concentrate on getting on with my assignments. However, from hearing what my friends had to say when they went, I missed out. In the future, I will make every effort to attend.

From going to these events and lectures, alongside my Interactive Media Strategies unit, it is really opening up my eyes to the possibility of working in digital marketing communications. Before, I would not have given it a thought to work in this particular industry. However, I find it fascinating and whilst I start to begin to look for jobs in the marketing communications industry I will be looking at this potential avenue.

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